Welfare Fund Providers

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

    Search Plan Document for Benefits , Blue Cross Blue Shield website, Find a PPO Provider

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  • Optum Rx

    Take charge of managing and ordering your medications. We'll show you how.

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    You can talk to a doctor from your home, office, job site or on the road, 24/7! No need to miss work.

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  • inner imaging

    Your executive board has been committed to a healthcare

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  • ** General Vision

    For IUOE Local 15 Eligible Members and Dependents Including Including Municipal Members.

    **When you log on to the General Vision Link, the Benefit# or Promo code to locate a provider is 6083.

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  • Vision Screening

    This Benefit is For All IUOE Local 15 Eligible Participants.

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CPS Optical Network

IUOE + Chapter

The Best Medicare Guidance in America.

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